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Febuary 2007


Inline Ink

January 9th, 2007


The Mileage Log has been reset and is now ready for you to log your 2007 skating miles! 2006 Loggers, your userID and password will still work, and you’ll see your name on the mileage chart again as soon as you make your first mileage entry. Be sure to let us know what prizes would motivate you most this year. We’ll see if the manufacturers of your most coveted gear and gadgets will donate them in exchange for some advertising on the Mileage Log webpages. http://www.phxinline.com/Fun_Stuff/mileageprizes.html


New participants’ night at the Wednesday Night Fun Skate – Some of the adventurous ladies in the January Beginner Trails class are going to try their first Wednesday Night Fun Skate this coming Wednesday, January 10th at 7pm. There will be a certified instructor on hand to offer assistance on any hills if needed, and you’re welcome to hang back and go slow with the instructor or try keeping up with the rest of this fun, sociable group. If you’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, now’s your chance! Come join us. No charge, except for your food & drinks if you join the post-skate consumption at Prankster’s Too afterwards. http://www.phxinline.com/Fun_Stuff/Events/wednesday.html


Speaking of classes, there are four January classes you can still join for this month and the February classes are already posted and open for registration at: http://www.phxinline.com/Lessons/Adult/currentgroupschedule.html February features a special “Intro to Vert Skating” class, as well as ten other classes at various levels and locations all over town. Don’t see what you want? Let us know and we may be able to add it to the schedule.


The January Friday Night Skate actually had 100% participation in the “Formal Night” dress up theme. Check out the recap and find out the theme for February’s FNS on February 2nd. Best dressed skater’s dinner and drink are on Phoenix Inline. http://www.phxinline.com/Fun_Stuff/Events/monthlyevents.html


The annual Senior Olympics 10K Inline Skate Race will take place Saturday, February 24th, 2007. If you’re age 50 or better, don’t miss this terrific bargain of an event – only $6. Details: http://www.phxinline.com/Fun_Stuff/Events/seniorolympics.html


Camp Rollerblade comes to Phoenix February 24th and 25th with a weekend of inline instruction for beginners and advanced beginners. Get up to speed quickly and finally join all the fun events you keep reading about in this newsletter! www.CampRollerblade.com


Become a certified inline skating instructor – If you love to skate and think you’d enjoy sharing the sport you love with new students, please contact Kathy McSparran at 602-799-3206. If there’s interest, we’ll put together a training program to help you get ready for a March certification exam right here in the Valley.


Phoenix Skaters are headed for two upcoming winter out of town skating events, and we’re fast approaching one of the early registration discount deadlines for a major fall race. See who’s going where and learn more about these great events: http://www.phxinline.com/Fun_Stuff/Events/outoftown.html



This newsletter is prepared as a service to the Phoenix area inline skating community. Everyone is welcome to submit information that would be of interest to area skaters. No liability is assumed by list organizer or contributors. You are responsible for using your own common sense and you always skate at your own risk.

The above announcements are provided as a free service to the inline skating community. No endorsement of any event's quality, safety, or suitability is implied and no liability is assumed by the list organizer. Remember, you always skate at your own risk.

All are welcome to submit announcements of inline skating events that would be of interest to Phoenix area skaters

Some Good Skating Excercises

New Skater's Forum
Chat with other skaters
Check it out at: http://www.skatersrefuge.com/forums/


New Release - Apache
The Apache is a mid range 3 point excitement machine. The patent black upper looks stunning with embroidered logos. On the inside, long lasting micro fiber wraps around light weight closed cell memory foam padding. The base is a super stiff 3 point carbon composite with dual silver fiberglass layers on the outside which is hand laid with polyester resin. The boot can fit a 11.92” 4 x 100mm frame down to a size 1/33. This boot can be used for professional racing including marathons, indoor, and sprints. It is also available with 2 point mounting in 165mm or 195mm separations for inline and short track. This boot can be custom made or semi custom. The boot is fully heat mouldable using SMT.

Stock Price: $699
Custom: $919
Apache 3 point boot
Jesa 608 Swiss steel bearings

Find-a-Buddy - Ever wish you could find the perfect skating buddy? Y'know, someone who skates the same speed as you, has the same schedule as you, and lives relatively close? Check out the brand new Find-a-Buddy list at http://phxinline.com/Fun_Stuff/Findabuddy/index.html

For those interested in the Pecos Rd./ possible Freeway situation,
the below link will keep you updated


AISA T-SHIRTS FOR SALE - $5.00 ea. while they last.

We found another box of all sizes incl. Sm.- Med.-Lar.- Xlar. -

Proceeds will be used to pay the hosting costs of the AISA web site .

 Road Safety and Courtesy
Rules of the road" apply equally to
Skaters and Cyclists.

Skaters & Cyclists:
When using multi-purpose paths and bike lanes, should keep right and be alert for other bike and other skater traffic approaching from the rear.

When overtaking walkers, runners, skaters and cyclists, courtesy and safety dictate that you warn people as you are overtaking them.

Indicate your intention to pass by calling out loudly and in enough time for the person ahead of you to move to the right.

The most common phrase is "On your left". The person being warned should acknowledge with some type of wave of the left hand, indicating that he/she has heard and is complying.

Both parties should allow enough room for safe passage. Skating or cycling side by side should only be allowed where it is safe to do so and is never a good idea in a standard width bike lane.

In all cases a "Thank You", by the person being overtaken, will go a long way toward creating a good relationship between fellow athletes.

Needed: Experienced recreational skaters to take turns leading the slower group of the weekly Wednesday Night Skate.
Please respond to katimac@cox.net

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  Got a Boot Fit Problem??
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  First Aid for "Road Rash"

Disclaimer: The Arizona Inline Skating Association (herein referred to as ASIA) in its efforts to promote safe, fun inline skating and as a community service,displays and allows to be displayed on its web site, various skating events of interest to its members and other non-members. AISA assumes no responsibility for any event listed or displayed,nor is it responsible for member or non-member conduct before, during or after any of these listed events. All skaters skate at their own risk.

These announcements are provided as a free service to the inline skating community. No endorsement of any event's quality, safety, or suitability is implied and no liability is assumedby the list organizer.
Remember,you always skate at your own risk.

All are welcome to submit announcements of inline skating events
that would be of interest to Phoenix area skaters to: webmaster