Inline Race Results
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Jan. 30, 2000 Phoenix Coyotes 5k & 10K Inline Skate (results)
Chinese Week 5K Feb. 12, 2000

Mayo 8K (3/4/2000)results
Chandler 5K 3/25/2000

Skate Like Hell 03/26/2000
Northshore Marathon 9/16/2000
Move it for Dad 5K 10/23/2000

Simply Citrus 8K 11/4/2000
Tucson Cactus IV 11/5/2000
Long Beach Marathon Nov.12, 2000
Runner's Den Coyote10K 1/28/01

Chinese Week 5K 2/3/01
Valley of the Sun 5K 2/17/01

Mayo Clinic 8K 3/3/01
Tucson 10K 6/09/01
2001 Big Granite Inline Marathon 6/23/01

Napa to Calistoga 6/24/2001
Move it for Dad 5K inline 9/29/01
Athens to Atlanta  10/7/01

Cactus Classic V  11/4/01
Long Beach Marathon 11/11/01

Runner's Den 10K paradise Valley 2/3/02
Chinese Week 5K 2/16/02
Mayo Clinic 8K 3/2/2002
Valley of the Sun Half Marathon 3/10/02

El Dorado Inline Challenge4/29/02
NorthShore Inline Marathon- Duluth 2002
NYC Inline SkateMarathon 9/21/02
Run For Dad 5K 9/28/02

El Dorado Inline Challenge 9/29/02
Long Beach Inline Marathon 10/13/02
Cactus ClassicVl 11/3/02
Phoenix New Times 10K 11/17/02
Senior Olympics 2/22/03
Chandler Gold Medal 5K 3/30/03(not yet availiable)
Disney World Inline Marathon3/30/03

El Tour de Phoenix Inline Skate 4/12/03
Brainerd Online Inline Half Marathon- Baxter, MN 6/14/03
Big Granite - Marengo, WI 6/23/03
NorthShore Inline Marathon 9/13/03
Long Beach Marathon 10/12/03
Phoenix New Times 10K 11/16/03

Silver Strand Half Marathon 11/16/03
AZ Senior Olympics 2/28/04

El Tour de Phoenix 4/3/04
New York Marathon8/1/04
Ahwatukee Outlaw Marathon 9/4/04
Northshore Inline 9/18/04
Long Beach Marathon 10/10/04
AZ Senior Olympics 2/27/05
Ahwatukee Outlaw Marathon 9/03/05
NorthShore Inline Marathon 9/13/05
LongBeach Inline Marathon 10/16/05
2006 Senior Olympics Results
Tahiti 2006

RattleSkate Results
Silver Strand Marathon 11/19/06