2006  Skating Calendar

  Wednesday Night Skate    Scottsdale, AZ
 VIA Wednesday Night Skate    Scottsdale, AZ
 Saturday Morning Skate     Scottsdale, AZ
  Sunday AM Speed/Distance Practice    Phoenix, AZ


   First Friday of each       Month

Friday Night Skate

Phoenix, AZ


   Feb.9,10,11, 2007

The Great EsCate

Miami, FL

   Feb.24, 2007

Arizona Senior Olympics
Inline Skating

Phoenix, AZ

Open Group practice for all

Speed Skaters
(and those aspiring to be)
Every Sunday Morning

ATTENTION PREDATOR SPEED SKATERS & those wishing to skate with us.
New start/finish place for Sunday AM Skates
Skate Away 8:00 AM
The Bagel Nosh Restaurant
Located at the S.E. Corner of Warner Ave.& 48th St.

From Bagel Nosh we take the bike route S. a couple blocks to Knox. We turn W. on Knox to 36th St., which turns into Ranch Circle, which turns into 40th St at Chandler Blvd. There is a bike lane the whole way and relatively little traffic. From 40th and Chandler everyone knows the routes and we have all kinds of possibilities for short or long skates, through the neighborhoods or on Pecos.

Alternate Route for those who prefer skating the far west end of the Pecos Rd. area:
Skate Away Time 7:30 AM **
Park at 17th Ave & Liberty
: Alt.#1: Skate down to Pecos (West to the end) and
into the neighboorhoods, then back and
up 17th Ave hill for small or large hill loops.
Alt.#2: Skate Down to Pecos and then East to 40th St., then turn around and
skate back (West ) to the end of Pecos and into the neighboorhood then back to 17th & Liberty.
Some small hill loops (3.4 mi) can be done from there if desired. (total = +/- 16 miles).
Advantage: Hills are at beginning of skate (downhill on way back ) and less
Westward traffic on Pecos as time gets later.
Drive to Bagel Nosh & meet with the rest of the skaters for breakfast.

**Earlier skate away time at 17th & Liberty is to allow drive time
to Bagel Nosh after skate and coordinate with return of main group.




There is "hill work" available from Pecos up 17th Ave.
(see map)

WARNING: Due to the increased traffic on Pecos Rd., it is imperative that skaters skate in the bike lanes.
Be courteous and share the lanes with bikers, runners and other skaters.
If you are warned that bikers are approaching from the rear,
move right and share the lane so as not to force them out into traffic.


Pecos Rd.
Sunday Skate Away Times

January  8:00 AM  July 6:00 AM
 February 8:00 AM  August 6:00 AM
 March 7:30 AM  September 6:30 AM
 April 7:00 AM  October 7:00 AM
 May 6:30 AM  November 7:30 AM
 June 6:00 AM  December 8:00 AM

*Skaters should arrive early enough
to leave by the above posted times!

Pecos Area Mileage & Map


           Valley Inline Association
Wednesday nights
(7:30p.m.) "Mid-Week Stress Reliever" in Scottsdale.
This is a neat, easy fun skate with a mid-way refreshment stop.
Meet at the Albertson's (Gate View) Shopping Center in front of
J.Q.'s Bar-B-Que
Corner of Hayden & Indian Bend Rds., Scottsdale, AZ
Bring a flashlight, snack money and wear something white(if possible).
Don't be intimidated, night skating is fun and there is usually plenty of light to skate by.
The route is on sidewalks or through the greenbelt, depending on the condition of the skating surface.
For your safety, Helmets Required!
Call Ray or Diana for more info. (480) 831-2166

VIA hosts a weekly
Sunday morning "Floating" Recreational Skate.
Wear a helmet & carry water.
Call Ray @ 831-2166 for time & starting place.

Skate Smart"...an injury to one skater is an injury to all skating!

The Arizona Inline Skating Association (herein referred to as ASIA) in its efforts to promote safe, fun inline skating and as a community service, displays and allows to be displayed on its web site, various skating events of interest to its members and other non-members.  AISA assumes no responsibility for any event listed or displayed, nor is it responsible for member or non-member conduct before, during or after any of these listed events. All skaters skate at their own risk.