Speed Skating Club

Phoenix, Arizona

Predator Speed Club
Meets every Tuesday and Thursday nights ( 7:00 PM)
at the Castles 'n Coasters "spill-over parking lot just west of 29th Ave.

Directions: From Dunlap Ave. (just west of the I-17 freeway) go north on
29th Ave. to the first traffic light. Then west (left) to the first opening
in the road divider.  Turn in at the guard shack entrance gate.

CAUTION: Watchout for skaters as you drive in.
Important: No one will be allowed to skate without a helmet
on Predator Speed Practice Area!!

  Inline Event Schedule

 Predator "Mug Shots"

 North Shore Marathon 1999, Duluth, MN

 Predator Winners - Runner's Den 10K-1/30/2000

 Predators Win In Duluth 2000

The First Ahwatuke Outlaw Marathon Slide Show
Note: This is a large file ( 3 meg) and will take some time to download.

  Napa to Calistoga Race Photos

  Predator Speed Team at theSan Diego Velodrome

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       President:  Mark Gaylor
Vice President:  Penny Wright
        Secretary:  Cindy Mitchell

For Predator Speed Club info contact:
Mark Gaylor (602) 697-0084
Penny Wright (602) 942-4156 or email:

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