Road Safety and Courtesy
Rules of the road" apply equally to
Skaters and Cyclists.

Skaters & Cyclists:
When using multi-purpose paths and bike lanes, should keep right and be alert for other bike and other skater traffic approaching from the rear.

When overtaking walkers, runners, skaters and cyclists, courtesy and safety dictate that you warn people as you are overtaking them.

Indicate your intention to pass by calling out loudly and in enough time for the person ahead of you to move to the right.

The most common phrase is "On your left". The person being warned should acknowledge with some type of wave of the left hand, indicating that he/she has heard and is complying.

Both parties should allow enough room for safe passage. Skating or cycling side by side should only be allowed where it is safe to do so and is never a good idea in a standard width bike lane.

In all cases a "Thank You", by the person being overtaken, will go a long way toward creating a good relationship between fellow athletes.