Inline Skating Lessons

If we could peer into the closets of many homes in the Valley, there, most probably we would find a pair of inline skates that are collecting dust; How they got there is a fairly common story.
     The owner, at one time or another, was motivated by a number of valid reasons: Excellent weight loss exercise, the joy of skating along anywhere there was pavement, relatively low cost investment and lastly, a sport that is beneficial to the knee and hip joints, not to mention the lungs and circulatory system.
    Mentally filled with one, or all of the above reasons, they went out and purchased a pair of inline skates. If they were in one of the "better" stores, the knowledgeable clerk had recommended a helmet and wrist guards. Probably figuring that the store employee's recommendation for the helmet and wrist guards, was to receive a commission, they relented and came away only with wrist guards, not the "unnecessary" helmet which would certainly muss up their hair. They rushed home and donned these new beauties, then filled with excitement, rolled out onto their driveway and promptly fell.
   If lucky, they came away with a minor "road rash bruise" on one butt cheek or another. We mention lucky, because most new, untrained skaters fall over backwards and often hit their heads.
  The next move was to remove the skates and put them in the closet, where we find them today.
Sad experience? You bet! Not only has money been wasted on skates, but they have missed out on what is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable athletic activities that one can do ( alone or with others).
  Those of us who have been inline skating for some time, know the value of lessons, they will condition you to safely enjoy this most rewarding sport that one can do from ages three to eighty plus.
Do your mind and body a favor and schedule some skating lessons, you'll be happy you did. Most skating schools will provide all the equipment necessary for the classes.

In fact, we recommend that you do not buy skates until you have taken lessons.   
"See you on the pavement."  
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SK8Right Inline Skate School

Serving Phoenix with certified instructors
all over the Valley.
Multiple fleets of Salomon skates & safety gear!!!

SK8Right Inline Skate School
Sponsored By: Salomon Skates

Over Ten years service to parks and recreation in the Greater Phoenix Valley with
Certified Instructors and Ongoing group lessons in Anthem, Paradise Valley,
Peoria, Glendale, Scottsdale, Ahwatukee, Tempe, Chandler & Mesa
Private lessons - Anywhere in the Valley. We'll come to you!
Plus: Company picnics, corporate wellness programs, kids' after school programs & more.

Phone:(602) 361-6616

Phoenix Inline

Lessons, Fitness & Fun!

Serving the entire Phoenix metropolitan area
with private & group lessons for all ages and abilities.

brand skates, helmets and safety gear available
for use during lessons at no extra charge.

*Special services for winter visitors & vacationers*
Tel:(602) 799-3206


 Tucson, Arizona
Eddie Wachter - I.I.S.A. Certified Instructor
Call: (520) 722-4044 or 877-747-2903
or visit web site:

Are you one of those who feel that
wearing a helmet while skating or biking is unnecessary
and inconvenient??
If so, this web site is worth looking at:

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AISA has no connection, monetarily or otherwise with the skate schools listed above.

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